Buddhist Boy Names in Marathi with Meanings

Buddhist Boy Names in Marathi with Meanings

Marathi culture is rich and diverse, deeply rooted in traditions and spirituality. Naming a child is a significant part of this culture, and many Marathi families choose names that hold deep meanings and reflect their beliefs. For those seeking Buddhist boy names in Marathi with meanings, we’ve compiled a list of 100 names that will not only resonate with your cultural values but also carry profound significance. Let’s explore this extensive list and the beautiful meanings behind these names.

Latest Buddhist Boy Names in Marathi with Meanings 2024:

Aadesh  Meaning “command” or “instruction,” it represents authority and guidance.
Aarav  Reflecting “peaceful” or “calm,” it embodies tranquility and serenity.
Aatman  Reflecting “soul” or “self,” it signifies self-awareness and spirituality.
Abhijat  Reflecting “noble” or “high-born,” it symbolizes honor and dignity.
Abhimanyu  Meaning “courageous” or “fearless,” it embodies bravery and valor.
Abhinav  Signifying “new” or “modern,” it embodies freshness and innovation.
Adhish  Meaning “ruler” or “leader,” it reflects qualities of leadership.
Aditya  This name, signifying “sun,” is a symbol of power and vitality.
Adityaraj  Meaning “sun king,” it embodies the power and radiance of the sun.
Advait  Signifying “unique” or “non-dual,” it reflects oneness with the universe.
Adwaya  Meaning “unique” or “incomparable,” it emphasizes individuality.
Alok  Reflecting “light” or “brightness,” it symbolizes positivity and hope.
Amartya  Meaning “immortal,” this name symbolizes the eternity of the soul.
Aniket  Reflecting “Lord of the world,” it emphasizes humility and devotion.
Aniruddha  Reflecting “unstoppable” or “invincible,” it symbolizes determination and perseverance.
Anubhav  Signifying “experience” or “realization,” it represents the power of learning.
Anugrah  Meaning “blessing” or “grace,” it signifies divine favor and mercy.
Anurag  Signifying “love” or “affection,” it symbolizes the power of love in life.
Arnav  Meaning “ocean” or “vast,” this name symbolizes the vastness of the universe and life’s mysteries.
Ashutosh  Meaning “easily pleased” or “content,” it represents a simple and happy nature.
Avyakta  Signifying “unmanifest” or “hidden,” it symbolizes the mysteries of life.
Ayush  Reflecting “longevity” or “life,” it embodies the concept of a long and healthy life.
Bhavin  Signifying “noble” or “virtuous,” it symbolizes good moral character.
Bodhi  Signifying “enlightenment” in Buddhism, this name pays homage to the wisdom of Buddha.
Chaitanya  Meaning “consciousness” or “awareness,” it represents the power of the mind.
Chandrakant  Signifying “beloved by the moon,” it embodies the calm and soothing nature of the moon.
Chandrashekhar  Signifying “the one who holds the moon,” it embodies stability and balance.
Charan  Reflecting “feet” or “touch,” it symbolizes seeking blessings and guidance.
Chirayu  Reflecting “long-lived” or “immortal,” it signifies a long and fulfilling life.
Darshan  Meaning “vision” or “sight,” it signifies perception and awareness.
Devansh  Reflecting “part of God,” it signifies divinity within every being.
Dharmanand  A combination of “dharma” (righteousness) and “anand” (bliss), it means “bliss through righteousness.”
Dheeraj  Meaning “patience,” it emphasizes the importance of perseverance.
Dhrupad  Reflecting “music,” it represents the beauty of sound and melody.
Divyansh  Signifying “part of the divine,” it reflects the sacredness of life.
Gaurav  Signifying “respect” or “honor,” it embodies the importance of dignity.
Gaurish  Meaning “lord of the mountain,” it emphasizes strength and stability.
Gopal  Reflecting “caretaker of cows,” it represents the idea of nurturing and protection.
Gunaratna  Signifying “jewel of virtues,” it emphasizes the importance of good character.
Gyanesh  Meaning “lord of knowledge,” it signifies the importance of wisdom.
Harshad  Reflecting “joyful,” it embodies the idea of spreading happiness.
Hrishikesh  Reflecting “lord of the senses,” it signifies self-control and discipline.
Jayesh  Reflecting “victorious,” it embodies the spirit of triumph.
Karmayog  Signifying “the path of action,” it emphasizes the importance of good deeds.
Kavyansh  Meaning “part of poetry” or “literature,” it represents the beauty of artistic expression.
Kirtan  Meaning “singing the praises of the divine,” it reflects devotion and spirituality.
Kunal  Representing “lotus,” this name reflects purity and spiritual awakening.
Lochan  Reflecting “eye,” it symbolizes the power of perception and observation.
Lokesh  Meaning “lord of the world,” it emphasizes responsibility and leadership.
Loknath  Reflecting “lord of the world,” it symbolizes the idea of global responsibility.
Madhur  Meaning “sweet” or “pleasant,” it signifies the sweetness of life.
Manas  Signifying “mind” or “thought,” it represents the importance of introspection.
Mohan  Reflecting “charming” or “enchanting,” it signifies the power of attraction.
Mudit  Signifying “happy” or “joyful,” it represents a cheerful disposition.
Naman  Signifying “salutation” or “respect,” it symbolizes paying homage.
Nihal  Meaning “joyful” or “content,” it signifies happiness and fulfillment.
Nirav  Meaning “quiet” or “calm,” it represents inner peace and tranquility.
Pankaj  Meaning “lotus,” this name reflects purity and beauty.
Parimal  Signifying “fragrance” or “scent,” it symbolizes the beauty of life.
Parthiv  Reflecting “earthly” or “belonging to the earth,” it signifies grounding.
Pavan  Signifying “air” or “wind,” it embodies the power of nature.
Prabodh  Signifying “enlightenment” or “awakening,” it reflects the pursuit of knowledge.
Pranav  Signifying “Om,” the most sacred sound in Hinduism and Buddhism.
Pranjal  Reflecting “pure” or “innocent,” it signifies sincerity and honesty.
Pratham  Signifying “first” or “foremost,” it embodies the spirit of leadership.
Pratyush  Meaning “dawn” or “morning,” it signifies new beginnings.
Rishabh  Meaning “morality” or “dharma,” it symbolizes the importance of righteousness.
Rohan  Signifying “ascending,” it represents progress and personal growth.
Samarpan  Signifying “surrender” or “dedication,” it reflects devotion to a higher power.
Samarth  Meaning “competent” or “capable,” it reflects strength and resourcefulness.
Samyak  Meaning “righteous” or “truthful,” it reflects the importance of moral values in life.
Sarvesh  Signifying “lord of all,” it reflects the omnipresence of the divine.
Satyam  Signifying “truth,” it represents the importance of honesty and integrity.
Shantanu  Meaning “peaceful” or “calm,” it signifies tranquility and serenity.
Sharad  Meaning “autumn,” this name represents a season of transformation and change.
Sharvil  Reflecting “active” or “energetic,” it symbolizes vitality and enthusiasm.
Shreyas  Meaning “the best,” it reflects the pursuit of excellence and goodness.
Siddharth  A name associated with Lord Buddha, meaning “one who attains enlightenment.”
Subodh  Reflecting “wise” or “intelligent,” it symbolizes wisdom and intellect.
Sumedh  Reflecting “intelligent” or “wise,” it symbolizes knowledge and wisdom.
Sumit  Reflecting “well-measured” or “balanced,” it symbolizes moderation.
Sumohan  Signifying “charming” or “captivating,” it embodies the power of attraction.
Suryakant  Reflecting “beloved by the sun,” it embodies warmth and affection.
Suryansh  Reflecting “part of the sun,” it symbolizes warmth and radiance.
Suvansh  Meaning “part of a good lineage,” it signifies the importance of family heritage.
Tapan  Signifying “sun,” it represents warmth and illumination.
Tejas  Signifying “radiance” or “brightness,” it embodies inner light.
Trilok  Meaning “the three worlds,” it signifies the interconnectedness of past, present, and future.
Tushar  Representing “ice” or “snow,” this name signifies purity and clarity.
Ujjwal  Signifying “bright” or “illuminated,” it reflects light and enlightenment.
Utsav  Meaning “celebration” or “festival,” it represents joy and festivities.
Varad  Reflecting “bestower” or “giver,” it represents the act of giving and generosity.
Varun  Reflecting “lord of the water,” it embodies the importance of the element water.
Vatsal  Reflecting “affectionate” or “loving,” it embodies compassion and care.
Vedant  Signifying “end of knowledge,” it symbolizes the pursuit of wisdom.
Vidyadhar  Meaning “knowledge bearer,” it signifies the importance of education.
Vinayak  Meaning “remover of obstacles,” this name reflects the significance of Lord Ganesha.
Viraj  Signifying “resplendent” or “glorious,” it emphasizes radiance and greatness.
Vishesh  Signifying “special” or “unique,” it emphasizes individuality and distinctiveness.
Yashas  Meaning “fame” or “glory,” it represents recognition and achievement.

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Selecting a name for your child is a significant and meaningful task in Marathi culture. These 100 Buddhist boy names in Marathi with their beautiful meanings provide you with a wide array of options to choose from. Whether you value enlightenment, purity, or strength, these names reflect the essence of Buddhist philosophy and values, making them a perfect choice for your little one. May your child’s name carry the wisdom and blessings of the ages.


How do I choose the right name for my child?

– Consider names that hold personal meaning, reflect your cultural and spiritual values, and resonate with your family.

Are these names suitable for children of all backgrounds?

– While these names have Buddhist significance, they can be chosen by anyone who appreciates their meanings and cultural depth.

Can I combine these names to create a unique one?

– Certainly! Combining names is a creative way to give your child a unique identity while preserving meaningful roots.

What’s the significance of Buddhist names?

– Buddhist names often reflect spiritual concepts, virtues, and values, emphasizing qualities like enlightenment, wisdom, and compassion.

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